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Do you have complex dental problems that are so frustrating that you’re ready to give up on your dental health? Although you’ve been searching for a dentist who will listen to you and devote time to identify the root causes of your issues, you haven’t been able to find the right practice.

Dr. Harju recognized this challenge early on in his career and began a journey of lifelong learning to find answers for people like you. His commitment to solving complex dental issues has led him to prestigious dental training institutions such as the Pankey Institute and the Dawson Academy. His patients experience the difference because he uses leading-edge techniques and a wholistic approach to solve their complex problems and provide relief.

Your situation is unique, and your needs and goals are likely different from anyone else. Dr. Harju works collaboratively with you so that you get a dental plan that is tailored specifically to you. He calls this a “dental blueprint” because it serves as a guide to get you from where you are to the outcome you’re hoping for.