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Jaw Pain and
Sleep Problems

Do you experience frequent pain in your jaw muscles or joints? 

Do you ever find yourself clenching or grinding?  

Have you noticed poor sleep quality or daytime sleepiness?

Jaw and sleep problems are often in the same category. And they could also be reflecting a systemic health problem.

Dr. Harju has his own personal history with jaw pain.  That has motivated him to train with the worlds leaders in these areas to find answers for himself and provide help to people who are suffering.

Dr. Harju’s journey with jaw pain started as a young adult, he tried many things over several years that provided some relief, but never got to the root cause.   He didn’t find full relief until he discovered, through his studies, that his problems were coming from a bite problem.  When the bite was fixed, the pain subsided.  

Your situation may only need a simple solution like a lifestyle change.  It could also be more complex situation like his, requiring multi-disciplinary care.  Regardless, you will be greeted with true empathy through the process of finding the answers.